Arcylic Nail Powder Kit outdoorudolph Pink
Arcylic Nail Powder Kit outdoorudolph Black
Arcylic Nail Powder Kit outdoorudolph Purple
Arcylic Nail Powder Kit outdoorudolph White
Arcylic Nail Powder Kit outdoorudolph Clear
Arcylic Nail Powder Kit outdoorudolph

Arcylic Nail Powder Kit

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Get your nails done like a pro! Show off those long and stylish fingernails with Arcylic Nail Powder Kit.

It's not just for extending your nails, this kit is also perfect for repairing damages on your fingernails.
Create designs that will match your style. Doing nail art has never been this fun and easy!
Product Description:

  • Flaunt Fancy Nails: Get creative with your nails with this kit that provides a self-leveling finish. It's perfect for making your nails longer!

  • Easily Repairs Damages: It's not just for nail art, you can also use this to repair cracked nails.

  • Hassle-Free Application: So easy to use as it dries within 3-5 minutes after application, letting you create as much nail art as you desire in a short amount of time.

  • Professional Quality: This kit comes with a brush, lets your nails dry faster, and creates a professional finish.

  • Long-Lasting Shiny Fingernails: Create stunning nail art that you can showcase for up to two weeks thanks to its flexibility and non-yellowing features.


  • Ingredients: Acrylic Powder and EMA Acrylic Monomer Liquid
  • Net Weight: 10 ml
  • Color: Clear, White, Black, Purple, Red, Pink
  • Package Includes: 1 Arcylic Nail Powder Kit

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