Craft Quilling Kit
Craft Quilling Kit
Craft Quilling Kit
Craft Quilling Kit
Craft Quilling Kit
Craft Quilling Kit
Craft Quilling Kit
Craft Quilling Kit

Craft Quilling Kit

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Paper quilling made easier for beginners! Start making 3D paper arts and make this a productive past time activity.
First-timers will surely have a great time creating art with a complete quilling basic kit. Enjoy a fun, easy, and exciting bonding activity perfect for the whole family.
Start that paper quilling journey. GET YOURS NOW!



  • Perfect For Beginners - Complete quilling kit that features quilling papers, a slotted tool, quilling comb, husking board, and a quilling shape board that will help to start that hassle-free paper quilling journey

  • Simple & Easy - Cones with FREE PDF Quilling Guide & Templates Paper! Just roll and pinch paper pieces into different shapes and stick them together. Quilling is surely simple and enjoyable!

  • Suitable For All Ages - Enjoyable bonding activity for the whole family! Fun and exciting hands-on activity for everyone.

  • Perfect DIY Craft Home Decor - Produce a unique paper art that can lit up that home interior. DIY craft is a meaningful and beautiful interior decor perfect for your home!

  • Perfect gift idea for everyone - Share the thrill and happiness of creating that unique quilling art with your loved ones.





1 x Quilling Comb
 1 x Quilling Paper Crimper
 1 x Quilling Shape Board
 1 x Slotted Tool
 1 x Tweezers
 1 x Pearl Pins
100 x Gradient Quilling Paper Strips
(Pink, Dark Yellow, Blue, Green, Black & White) x5
 1 x Ultra-fine Tip Glue Bottle
 1 x Husking Board
 1 x Storage Box

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